Our Story


We started Culture Saving to document and showcase artists, activists, and organizations that are actively building and cultivating socially minded arts and culture.

We individually hold expertise in cultural event documentation, exhibition design & curation, and communications. We specifically provide art direction, consulting, and execution with branding, marketing, website design, public relations, and content creation.


Our inspiration for Culture Saving stems from our desire to create a historical record of cultural moments that are often lost to history so that future generations can gather inspiration and continue in the legacy of our heroes of the past and present.

We believe in the possibilities of what could be and we are willing to take risks, make sacrifices, and manifest a world that our ancestors and leaders from history envisioned for us. We have taken on the obligation and responsibility to preserve the past and present in order to maintain and elevate the value of our own stories and narratives.

Cofounder and Curator

Hannah Jasper

Hannah Jasper is an independent interdisciplinary curator who works with contemporary art museums and galleries to showcase innovative arts and culture exhibitions.

Hannah knows that the power in good exhibitions comes at the crossroads of unheard stories and high quality execution. She believes the role of a curator is to set the stage for stories people and ideas to be shown at their highest potential.

Hannah’s most recent exhibitions include Still Here, an exhibition highlighting proposals for the memorial for the first reparations ordinance passed in the United States for racially motivated torture; Carrying A Place Called Home showcasing the art of Brittney Leanne Williams, Victoria Martinez, and Arif Smith and Everyday Resistance, a collaboration with The South Side Home Movie Project, showing home movies and images from the 60s-80s of Chicago’s South Side.

Hannah is a member of the  Association of Art Museum Curators and was recently awarded a placemaking grant from the city of Chicago in 2019.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Art Administration from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cofounder and Art Director

Daris Jasper

Daris Jasper is an art director who has a deep fascination with storytelling, sociocultural anthropology, branding, and market research; and has developed throughout his career a unique approach to assisting top executives of arts organizations and cultural institutions with defining and shaping the way they communicate with their audiences.

Daris’s commitment to community and the arts has guided him on a path to giving back to youth throughout Chicago while working and supporting leading arts-focused organizations such as the Common Ground Foundation, Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival, N’Namdi Contemporary, and the Chicago Park District.

Daris serves on the board as co-director of development for Open Architecture-Chicago, a nonprofit that mobilizes architects, designers, and local leaders to create sustainable, innovative, and socially responsive design.

Daris has recently been selected to participate in the Crossroads Fund’s Giving Project. A program developed to fundraise through a process of “donor organizing,” and practice participatory grantmaking supporting strategic, necessary, and underfunded social justice organizing work around the city of Chicago.

Daris is a proud alum of the Latino Policy Forum’s Multicultural Leadership Academy, where he was trained in and encouraged to apply intercultural collaboration and collaborative social action between Latinos and African Americans.

Daris returned to college to attain a masters from DePaul University to enhance his expertise and skills. He successfully formulated a graduate learning plan that focused on increasing an organization’s financial sustainability by means of sponsorship and partners for the arts and arts education. His learning plan probes into sponsorship evaluation, public relations, event marketing, audience research & development, sponsorship sales, and social media and he has applied his research and theories to real world experiences with clients.