2008 - 2019

Children's Museum of Art and Social Justice

Cultural Event Documentation, Communications and Public Relations, Curation and Exhibition Design, Branding and Web Design

KIPP Chicago

Children's Museum of Art and Social Justice

Founded in 2003, KIPP Chicago Schools began with a single class of fifth graders at KIPP Ascend Middle School. Today, KIPP Chicago Schools consists of seven schools: KIPP Ascend Primary, KIPP Ascend Middle, KIPP Bloom College Prep, KIPP Bloom Primary, KIPP Create College Prep, KIPP One Primary, and KIPP One Academy. Together, these schools educate over 2,400 students in grades K-8 from the South and West Sides of Chicago. Our campuses are located in the Austin, Englewood, North Lawndale, and West Humboldt Park Neighborhoods. KIPP Chicago also advises over 1,000 KIPP alumni currently in high school or college through our KIPP Through College program.

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We worked with KIPP Chicago to develop a unique concept of creating a children’s museum focused on art and social justice issues. The concept was refined in collaboration with the KIPP Chicago team, and the Children’s Museum of Art and Social Justice (CMASJ) was established to be an innovative museum where the public can experience contemporary art created by Chicago youth alongside working international artists with a dedication to highlighting civil and social/human rights issues.

The goals and objectives for this project is to provide assistance in curating, planning, and organizing exhibitions. Provide event documentation, marketing & branding support, and partnership development in order to build audience and attain funding support for the children of Chicago,

We were also requested to document the end-of-year theater performance that KIPP Bloom’s students present to the entire school and their parents to close out the academic year. This performance is of the students’ rendition of The Lion King.

The goals and objectives for this project was to provide event documentation and to capture the talent, emotions, and memories for the faculty and students. This was a difficult event to capture due to inadequate lighting, however, by making adjustments to the camera settings and by correcting the available lighting the goals and objectives for this project were able to be accomplished.

Over the years, we have worked on various projects to fill KIPP Chicago’s needs of capturing their positive impact throughout Chicago on their students lives, from providing photography and video for social media campaigns to documenting their annual theater performances.